Monday, January 22, 2007

::and so it is::

Think It So
Run Time: 4min 44sec
Creator's Page: Malcolm Cohan is the brilliant mind behind the Vision Statement Project and the creator of these videos... wow.

So I stumbled upon this video tonight and found myself overcome by the synchronicity and inspiration of it. Wow. What a simple concept- Malcolm culls techniques from well known self-help/new age philosophies like Abraham Hicks' Law of Attraction made popular by The Secret and Vision Boards from The Artist's Way and distills them down into a simple, easy for anyone to do little project that could quite possibly change one's way of life altogether. I was thinking while driving today about how important it is to know what I want. After all, how can I create my life if I don't even know how I want it to look?! And in waltzes Malcolm. Ta-Da! So simple and yet somehow, pretty profound.

I'm feeling so inspired that I'm going to start working on mine tonight. I'd like to encourage you all to create your own destinies as well.
So here's the deal- this is the first video gallixsee challenge ever: I'm giving you all to the full moon on February 1st to sift through all the good the bad and the scary in web photos and video. Find the imagery that inspires you the most- that reflects your highest visions of what is possible in your life. Collage it all together with some good music and perhaps some fun effects and clock it in under 3 minutes. Then upload it to a video hosting service (I like Revver because they support artists like us by sharing ad revenues, but I won't hold it against you if you upload to YouTube) and post a link here in the comments section- or you can send it to me privately using the mail link in the sidebar. The top two videos (judged by some complex algorithm and criteria matrix that I will make up as I go along) will be featured here on the site and given lots of applause and love. I'm going to finish mine within the week and will post it here for inspiration or, for you to laugh at- whichever comes first.

Ready, set... goooooooogle (or flickr- there are lots of CC licensed photos there, but don't forget to give the creators credit!)

I can't wait to see what we all come up with!

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