Thursday, November 30, 2006

**magic, the maaaagical oven**

**Miss Muffy & the Muff Mob ~ Ep.5 Pt.3: Mo' Muffins Mo' Problems**
Run Time: 6min 0sec
Creator's Info: Produced by Bullseye Art
Related Links: The new home for Bullseye Art is Magic Butter... a fabulous little dwelling for all things ridiculous and flash-y. Music by the Pharcyde

Ok, so the flakes they are a fallin' here in Snow~attle. And I think a little comic relief is in order. There's nothing like a lil' LOL to brighten that "OMFG it's coooooooooold!" Thanks to Madame7 I found this little gem- not sure why I hadn't stumbled upon Miss Muffy and her posse before. But I suppose the timing was impeccable. Just what I needed this evening. If you like this one, you should definitely waste some more time giggling into your wastebasket with the rest of the series.

C'mon girls, let's bake!

::click the collapsed muffin to start the oven:: (warning: these muffins have dirty fruit holes)

p.s. :::::: i am the dark one ::::::

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Run Time: 5min 32sec
Creator's Info: Written, shot, edited, directed by me, Alli of gALLIxSEE::media::
Related Links: Original musica by James Whetzel

Ok, so this isn't exactly my self-assigned homework project (I'll get to that later this weekend), but I was inspired by my posting yesterday to create this video in loving memory of my dear friend Mahzza Hauser who left this plane of existence last weekend. This is my first time EVER sitting in front of a camera and talking about my feelings, so it's a little raw and definitely very personal. But I thought that perhaps if it inspired even one of you it would be worth being vulnerable to the entire www. Enjoy. And as always, comments and feedback are all~ways appreciated.

p.s. sorry about the audio. My mic input is busted and I'm getting a lot of audio drop-outs. Have to get that fixed this weekend...

::click the toppled pineapple wedge to play::

Friday, November 24, 2006

That's Why I'm Here

That's Why I'm Here
Run Time: 1min 0sec
Creator's Info: Written, shot, edited, directed and... by Steven Guglielmo (I couldn't find ANY other info on him out there. The video was uploaded to Revver by IFP- if anyone knows anything about him, I would love to give him further credit!)
Related Links:

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this little gem whilst browsing Revver. I think all artists and creative people can relate to this elegantly simple sentiment. Art is such a gift to humanity- indeed it is one of the things that sets us apart. Take a look around you and see if you can't find something mundane and yet extraordinarily unusual to photograph or write a poem about or make a painting of. Hmmm... that's MY homework assignment for the weekend. Care to join in the fun? I'll post my results if you post yours!

::click the equilateral stuffed turkey to play::

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

~Remember What We Really Are~

Dance Monkey Dance
Run Time: 3min 53sec
Creator's Page: originally a slam poem turned into video by Ernest Cline
Related Links: We're all just monkeys.

Yeah, that's right. We humans are really just monkeys with overdeveloped brains. That's all. Can you imagine how aliens might perceive us if they came to visit? Silly monkeys.

And hey, today is the anniversary of this monkey's birth. I'm going to be celebrating with wine and cheese and crepes but you know what? That doesn't make me any less of a monkey. This is my little un~birthday gift to you- I've been working on doing more giving than receiving this year, so...

Enjoy, monkey!

::click on the badly squashed triangular banana to watch::

Friday, November 10, 2006

All I Know...

All I Know
Run Time: 4min 30sec
Creator's Page: written, directed, shot and edited by Alli of gALLIxSEE::media:: (um, yeah, that's me).
Related Links: original music, "Two Wishes to Hold in Reserve" by James Whetzel

So yeah. Ah. I do actually make video, too. And from time to time I post it here. The frequency with which that happens will increase over the winter months when I have nothing better to do than get all creative-like inside whilst the sky dumps cloud urine on Seattle and leaves the world moldy and reeking like cat pee. But I digress.

I decided to post this here today because after watching way too many minutes of cheeky flash animations on Albino Blacksheep about blowing stuff up, I decided to do a search on The Google for "inspirational web videos" to cheer me up. The search returned no results. NO RESULTS!!! Ok, so I did a search for "inspirational video" and I got a bunch of results, but I was unable to find a collection of inspiring videos all in one place. So here is my contribution. From here on out, I aspire to bring you all the most inspirational, creative expressions of humanity in the 21st century available in this undulating, fickle sea of web video. May it bring some sunshine to your darkening autumn days (or, uh, cool breezes to your warming spring nights for those in the Southern Hemisphere). And if you know of any *good* portals for non-cheesy, non self-help type inspiring or invigorating or innovatively scintillating web videos, for goddess' sake, let me know!!!

A little background, in case you're really curious:

I wrote this essay in 2000, a few moments before quantum physics became a household term while frantically putting my application together for the (read aloud with a snooty british accent. or a blonde sorority girl intonation. whatever.): USC school of cinema-television. So yeah, this essay, in written form essentially got me into film school. I'm pretty sure it wasn't my freshman year gpa.

I had just returned from my first year on the playa and was reading a lot about quantum physics and had, in my previous semester been taking philosophy, anthropology and astronomy all at the same time. Dem were some serious paradigm shifts, I tell you. I thought perhaps I was going crazy. I was getting all of this new information from all over the place about the constructs of the universe and the very threads of life itself. And I was surrounded by people who stared at me like I had thirteen hollow watermelons for a head when I tried to talk to them about this stuff. So I sat down in a flurry of creation and I wrote about what I was experiencing: Awakening. Wholly other perceptions of the world around me. Intense awareness and sensitivities to sensory stimuli. Paradigm shifts.

A couple of years later, I was asked to produce an original personal video statement for my application to be a Digital Correspondent for Current TV (which was then INDTV- they never went through with the whole DC thing. I'll spare you the rant). I dusted off the old essay, which was scrawled in silver ink on a black notebook, and compiled, shot and edited the whole thing in one night. I originally used Thoman Newman's "Dead Already" from the American Beauty Score, one of my favorite film scores of all time. Recently, with the whole webvideo explosion thing happening, I realized I didn't really want to use copyrighted music. So I recut the whole thing to my talented friend James' "Two Wishes to Hold in Reserve" from his album Capitol Hill Secret Tracks. And, well, there ya have it. The way too long history of this shot + edited in one night, passionately vulnerable video of mine. Betcha that was really too much information. But it's my vlog and I'll ramble if I wanna. So go ahead, lett'er fly. Whaddya think of it?

As an interesting (and amazingly, related) sidenote, a few of my friends have asked me repeatedly if I've seen the movie The Secret yet. They kept saying that a lot of what is mentioned in the film is stuff they've endured me babbling on about for years. I didn't get around to *actually* watching it until yesterday. It kind of freaked me out. In a good way. There were parts of it that echoed eerily many of the sentiments expressed in this very video. More on The Secret and how to watch it for free in the next installment. I think I've done enough meandering for one day. *deep breath*