Thursday, November 30, 2006

**magic, the maaaagical oven**

**Miss Muffy & the Muff Mob ~ Ep.5 Pt.3: Mo' Muffins Mo' Problems**
Run Time: 6min 0sec
Creator's Info: Produced by Bullseye Art
Related Links: The new home for Bullseye Art is Magic Butter... a fabulous little dwelling for all things ridiculous and flash-y. Music by the Pharcyde

Ok, so the flakes they are a fallin' here in Snow~attle. And I think a little comic relief is in order. There's nothing like a lil' LOL to brighten that "OMFG it's coooooooooold!" Thanks to Madame7 I found this little gem- not sure why I hadn't stumbled upon Miss Muffy and her posse before. But I suppose the timing was impeccable. Just what I needed this evening. If you like this one, you should definitely waste some more time giggling into your wastebasket with the rest of the series.

C'mon girls, let's bake!

::click the collapsed muffin to start the oven:: (warning: these muffins have dirty fruit holes)

p.s. :::::: i am the dark one ::::::

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Anonymous said...

found all the episodes at there are also 2 of videos there