Friday, March 09, 2007

Whetzel does it live...

I Have a Secret (Palmwine Guitar) :: Oh Yeah! (Throat Singing)
Run Time: 3min 09sec :: 1min 52sec
Creator's Page: Directed and shot by gALLIxSEE::media::
with second camera work by the lovely Greg of Innermission Online Additional Information: Music Performed by James Whetzel of Funketabla

James’ West African Palmwine style guitar song “I Have A Secret:

Six beats translated into throat sung “oh yeahs”:

It's so much more fun to watch when it's live... James did his last show in Seattle before heading on a cross-country road trip at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. Greg of Innermission and myself were on hand to capture every last bit of his strange and wonderful brand of musical delights. And check that backdrop- someone asked me if that was CGI- ha!

Be sure to take a peek at the new Funketabla website. James is now on the road and has been posting vlog entries of his trip there. He bought a little point and shoot still camera with video capabilities and is having a good ol' time with it. Check it out


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