Friday, October 06, 2006

Bust That Cycle!

Bust That Cycle
Run Time: 3min
Original Format: Mini-DV
Created By: The Fabulouso ZeFrank, from his Video Blog, The Show with ZeFrank

Ze Frank is my hero. Seriously. After my friend Eddie introduced me to the phenomenon that is The Show a month ago, I've become an addict. I get up every morning and before I do anything I click up to get my daily fix. He posts every day except for weekends. I get a little jonesy on the weekends. I look forward to Mondays now.

This episode is perhaps my favorite so far. It inspired me to take a whole new look at what is possible in the world of video blogging and to bust a few cycles of my own. I like them inspirational videos. And I like to share them with you! So enjoy. More info on Ze and his plethora of amazingness below...

Oh, and don't be discouraged by all the inside jokes. Watch a few more episodes of The Show and you'll catch on. I promise.

::click the little tipped triangle thingy to watch::

In case you're curious, Ze Frank is a web designer, developer, speaker, and occasionally funny person with a really cool cat named Annie. In 2001, Ze created an online birthday invitation and sent it to seventeen of his closest friends. Forwarded wildly, the invitation soon generated millions of hits and over 100 gigabytes of daily web traffic to Ze's personal Web site The site grew to include interactive group projects, short films, animations, and video games, many Flash-based, including children's educational videos featuring handy tips such as "Don't vacuum your face".

See? It just goes to prove that people really like cool stuff. Or, something like that.

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