Friday, October 06, 2006

MIDI Animusical Madness

Animusic 2 :: Fiber Bundles :: Heavy Light
Run Time: 5min 12 sec :: 7min 12sec
Original Format: CGI, computer-animated MIDI algorithms (wow.)
Created By: Wayne Lytle is the founder of Animusic and composed most of the music.

My next door neighbor text messaged me the other night:

"Alli, you have to come over and check out this DVD I just bought."

We got comfy on his couch with a glass of good red wine and he opened the portal to the planet of Animusic to me for the first time. My mind was a little blown. The whole time my geek brain was racing with the complexities of the algorithms and the 3D rendering that must have gone into making this magical technological masterpiece. "What did he use to animate all of those landscapes? Maya? Shake? How much editing was involved? Must... make... sense of the technological factors!" (yes, I realize this officially makes me a geek.)

I have included only two of my favorite episodes here. There are 13 chapters of this on the DVD with multiple angle options. Stunning, really. Have a look... and if you get the chance, I highly recommend the DVD projected onto a
really big screen.

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Dosetaker said...

Here is another stunning clip from the 2nd DVD...