Sunday, October 08, 2006

:: Visionary Seeds of HOPE ::

Vision Seed :: HOPE (visions of Whitefeather)
Run Time: 8min 08sec :: 8min 06sec
Creators Page: VisionSeed was created by Bruce of DharmaDog Pictures as a teaser to his forthcoming feature-length documentary on Willy Whitefeather and his wisdom. HOPE was the original animated short created by Luna Media.

I first came across Vision Seed on the Current TV site. I have seen quite a bit of Bruce's work on there and am repeatedly impressed. His work continues to give voice to the spirit of the united nature of human beings,
native wisdom and the earth. When researching his history I discovered that he and his wife are the driving force behind For the Next 7 Generations, a documentary film in progress about the 13 Grandmothers Council which is convening with the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India on October 14th. All of this work is truly inspiring to me. I actually considered tearing off to India when I first heard of the work of the 13 Grandmothers. But that's a whole other tangent...

I have included the VisionSeed video as well as the original animated short film HOPE because hearing Willy Whitefeather speak sends chills down my spine everytime. His wisdom seems to resonate on a universal level. Whitefeather is a Cherokee elder and the author of several children's books. I will stop babbling now cuz you should really get to watchin' these. They're superb, in my opinion, on every level.

::click the trampled pyramids to play::

::HOPE by Luna Media::

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